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Python code review
Alien Language - solution
Google Code Jam 2009 - Qual round
Problem available at
By Tim Lee, 28/04/14
Input as L D N, followed by D dictionary words, N 'patterns' to decode
f = open('', 'r')
g = open('A-small-practice-output.txt', 'w')
L, D, N = (int(x) for x in f.readline().split())
def make_dictionary():
"""Creates dictionary from list in file"""
dictionary = []
for i in range(D):
return dictionary
def format_pattern(raw_pattern):
"""Turns pattern string into a more easily iterable form.
Removes parentheses and turns letters in between them into a
pattern_formatted = []
bracketed_letters = []
in_brackets = False
for char in raw_pattern:
if (char != "(" and char != ")" and in_brackets is not True):
elif char == "(":
in_brackets = True
elif char == ")":
bracketed_letters = []
in_brackets = False
elif in_brackets is True:
return pattern_formatted
def match_words(pattern_formatted, dictionary):
"""Takes the formatted pattern and dictionary and returns the number of
pattern configurations that match with dictionary words"""
matched_words = 0
for word in range(D):
for letter in range(L):
match = False
for subletter in range(len(pattern_formatted[letter])):
if (dictionary[word][letter] ==
match = True
if match is False:
if match is True:
matched_words += 1
return matched_words
def write_result(case, matched_words):
"""Writes the result in required format to file and prints to console"""
print("Case #" + case + ": " + matched_words)
g.write("Case #" + case + ": " + matched_words + "\n")
DICTIONARY = make_dictionary()
for n in range(N):
#Iterates through each pattern to test for matching words
pattern = (f.readline()).rstrip('\n')
matched_words = match_words(format_pattern(pattern), DICTIONARY)
write_result(str(n+1), str(matched_words))
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