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Last active April 25, 2021 10:37
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Ubuntu Mini Remix
# user: ubuntu pass: just hit ENTER
apt-get install vim ubuntu-defaults-builder live-build uck syslinux-utils coreutils
# open /usr/share/livecd-rootfs/live-build/auto/config and add PROJECT=base where there are all the variables
ubuntu-defaults-template ubuntu-defaults-umr
ubuntu-defaults-image --package ubuntu-defaults-umr_0.1_all.deb
mv binary.hybrid.iso ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-amd64.iso
md5sum ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-amd64.iso>ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-amd64.iso.md5
mv ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-amd64.iso* 15.10/
lb clean; rm -rf auto cache local
ubuntu-defaults-image --package ubuntu-defaults-umr_0.1_all.deb --arch i386
mv binary.hybrid.iso ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-i386.iso
md5sum ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-i386.iso>ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-i386.iso.md5
mv ubuntu-mini-remix-15.10-i386.iso* 15.10/
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I'll take a look at those page and check if livecd-rootfs has been updated in the meanwhile but for sure I wouldn't fork them, I wouldn't never have time to maintain it, plus I don't want to work on something which is released without any kind of documentation and prone to undocumented extreme changes between every release.

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