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A helper class for an easy and crossbrowser inline-blocks usage (with H5BP).
<ul class="ibw">
<li>inline block</li>
<li>inline block</li>
<li>inline block</li>
<section class="ibw">
<article class="ib">...</article>
<aside class="ib">...</aside>
* @author: Fabrizio Calderan, Jul 21st, 2011
* Twitter: fcalderan
* this class has to be assigned to the inline-blocks parent wrapper
.ibw {
white-space : nowrap;
letter-spacing : -3px;
word-spacing : -3px;
* ib class are the inline-block elements: in case we are using a list (<ol>, <ul>)
* we could avoid assigning .ib class to every <li> element with .ibw > li
.ibw > li, .ib {
display : -moz-inline-box; /* FF2 or lower */
display : inline-block; /* FF3, Opera, Safari */
white-space : normal;
letter-spacing : normal;
word-spacing : normal;
vertical-align : top /* or other available alignment */ ;
* these rules ensure crossbrowsing with IE7. Please note that on IE<8 inline-block will work
* only on elements that are not natively block elements (applying this on a <div> won't work)
* Anyway you can safely use on newer HTML5 elements since they're not recognized at all on
* these IE versions (see for a demo).
.ie7 .ib, .ie7 .ibw > li { display : inline; }
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