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Created Apr 15, 2014
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Heroku deployment script
# Release script
# Launch script
echo -n "Releasing application. Please run this script outside of virtual machine. Continue ? y/n : "
read ok
if [ "$ok" = "y" ] || [ "$ok" = "Y" ]; then
# Input local source branch
echo -n "Enter local source branch to be released : "
read local_branch
# Input GitHub remote repositoty
echo -n "Enter remote GitHub repository name : "
read github_repository
# Select Heroku application
echo -n "Enter remote Heroku repository : "
read heroku_repository
# Select Heroku application
echo -n "Enter Heroku application name : "
read application
# Select environment type
echo -n "Select environment type (staging / production) : "
read environment
# Release application
echo "Releasing application on "$environment" environment..."
# Push selected branch on GitHub
echo "Pushing "$local_branch" on GitHub "$github_repository" repository..."
git push $github_repository $local_branch
# Enable maintenance mode on Heroku application
echo "Enabling maintenance mode on "$application" application ("$environment" environment)..."
heroku maintenance:on --app $application
# Code release
echo "Deploying "$local_branch" on Heroku "$application" ("$heroku_repository" remote repository / "$environment" environment)..."
git push $heroku_repository $local_branch:master
# Migrate remote database
echo "Migrating remote database..."
heroku run rake db:migrate --app $application
# Clean cache
echo "Cleaning server cache..."
heroku run --app $application rails runner -e production Rails.cache.clear
# Restart application
echo "Restart server on "$environment" environment ("$application" application)..."
heroku restart --app $application
# Disable maintenance mode
echo "Disabling maintenance mode on "$environment" environment ("$application" application)..."
heroku maintenance:off --app $application
# Exit message
echo "Application "$application" released on "$environment" environment !"
echo "OK, goodbye !"
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