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Jetty debian package builder. It takes the jetty script as is and build a jetty server that runs at startup. It's quick & simple version. Improvements are welcome.
# We reset everything
rm -Rf jetty-distribution-${JETTY_VERSION} jetty
# We prepare the dirs
mkdir -p jetty/opt jetty/etc/init.d jetty/etc/default jetty/DEBIAN
# We download the archive
wget -c${JETTY_VERSION}.zip
unzip jetty-distribution-${JETTY_VERSION}.zip
# We copy the main files
mv jetty-distribution-${JETTY_VERSION} jetty/opt/jetty-${JETTY_VERSION}
ln -s jetty-${JETTY_VERSION} jetty/opt/jetty
# We remove the demo files
rm -Rf jetty/opt/jetty/webapps.demo
cp jetty/opt/jetty/bin/ jetty/etc/init.d/jetty || return 1
# We prepare the default file
cat <<EOF > jetty/etc/default/jetty
chmod +x jetty/etc/default/jetty
# We have all the files, we just have to prepare the debian package file
cat <<EOF > jetty/DEBIAN/control
Package: jetty
Priority: optional
Section: web
Maintainer: Florent Clairambault
Architecture: all
Depends: oracle-java7-installer
Description: Whatever
cat <<EOF > jetty/DEBIAN/postinst
groupadd -r -f jetty
useradd -r -s /sbin/nologin -d /opt/jetty --gid jetty jetty
chown -R jetty:jetty /opt/jetty-${JETTY_VERSION}
cd /etc/init.d ; update-rc.d -f jetty defaults 2>/dev/null
service jetty start || /bin/echo "Could not start jetty !"
chmod 0755 jetty/DEBIAN/postinst
cat <<EOF > jetty/DEBIAN/prerm
service jetty stop
cd /etc/init.d ; update-rc.d -f jetty remove 2>/dev/null
killall -9 -u jetty
userdel jetty || echo "No user jetty ? --> Not a big deal"
#groupdel jetty || echo "No group jetty ? --> Not a big deal"
chmod 0755 jetty/DEBIAN/prerm
dpkg-deb -b jetty
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