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# Script to merge all edgex go repos in only one
# It needs the command available at
# Notes:
# - It keeps all the commit history (git log)
# But when you get the log from just a file or directory only new commits are
# shown (git log file_or_path)
# - git blame works
# - This script can be run at any time to get a merge of all the repos
set -e
mkdir edgex-go
cd edgex-go
git init .
cat > Makefile << EOF
.PHONY: build test
go build ./cmd/export-client
go build ./cmd/export-distro
go test \`glide novendor\`
git add Makefile
git commit -sm "Adding makefile"
cat > <<EOF
# EdgeX Foundry Go Services
Go implementation of EdgeX services.
All edgex go [repos]( have been merged into this repo.
The script []( has been used to generate this repo.
## Install and Deploy
Currently only \`export-client\` and \`export-distro\` are functional. \`core-command\`, \`core-metadata\` and \`core-data\` can be compiled but doesn't have a command in cmd
To fetch the code and compile the microservices execute:
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
glide install
make build
## Community
- Chat:
- Mainling lists:
## License
git add
git commit -sm "Adding README"
git remote add core-domain
git fetch -a core-domain add -P core/domain core-domain master
git remote add core-clients
git fetch core-clients add -P core/clients core-clients master
git remote add core-command
git fetch core-command add -P core/command core-command master
git remote add core-data
git fetch core-data add -P core/data core-data master
git remote add core-metadata
git fetch core-metadata add -P core/metadata core-metadata master
git remote add support-domain
git fetch support-domain add -P support/domain support-domain master
git remote add consul-client
git fetch consul-client add -P support/consul-client consul-client master
git remote add support-logging-client
git fetch support-logging-client add -P support/logging-client support-logging-client master
git remote add support-notifications-client
git fetch support-notifications-client add -P support/notifications-client support-notifications-client master
git remote add export-go
git fetch export-go add -P export export-go master
# Another method that didn't work, duplicated files in root and prefix
# git remote add core-clients
# git fetch core-clients
# git merge -s ours --no-commit --allow-unrelated-histories core-clients/master
# git read-tree --prefix=core/clients core-clients/master
# git commit -sm "Importing core-clients-go"
# git reset --hard
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/consul-client-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/support\/consul-client/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/support-logging-client-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/support\/logging-client/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/core-clients-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/core\/clients/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/core-data-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/core\/data/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/core-domain-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/core\/domain/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/support-domain-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/support\/domain/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/support-notifications-client-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/support\/notifications-client/'
find -name "*.go" | xargs sed -i -e 's/\/edgexfoundry\/export-go/\/edgexfoundry\/edgex-go\/export/'
git commit -sam "Replace edgex import path"
mkdir cmd
git mv export/cmd/client cmd/export-client
git mv export/cmd/distro cmd/export-distro
git commit -sam "Moved export commands to cmd"
git mv export/LICENSE .
find -name "LICENSE-2.0.txt" | xargs git rm
git commit -sm "Moving license file to root, removing duplicated license files"
mkdir docker
git mv export/Dockerfile.* docker/
git mv core/command/Dockerfile docker/Dockerfile.command
git mv core/metadata/Dockerfile docker/Dockerfile.metadata
git mv core/data/Dockerfile docker/
git commit -sm "Moving dockerfiles to ./docker"
glide create --non-interactive
git add glide.yaml
git commit -sm "Adding glide.yaml file"
glide install
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