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Loader to generate android xml resources and sqllite file
from lxml import etree as ET
import sqlite3
import os
CREATE_ITEMS = 'create table Item (_id integer primary key, Name text, kind integer, calories integer);'
CREATE_ITEM_PER_MONTHS = 'create table ItemPerMonth (ItemId integer, Month integer, Freshness integer, Area integer);'
CREATE_ITEM_PREFERRED = 'create table PreferredItem (PreferredItemId integer);'
file_list = ['fruit.sqlinit']
areas = ['Italy',
def insert_item(cursor, item_id, name, kind, calories):
statement = "insert into Item values (%d, '%s', %s, %s)"%(item_id, name, kind, calories)
def insert_record_per_month(cursor, item_id, months, area):
for i in range(0, len(months)):
freshness = months[i].strip()
if freshness != '':
statement = "insert into ItemPerMonth values (%d, %d, %s, %d)"%(item_id, i, freshness, area)
def add_name_to_strings(root, item_name, lang_name):
name = ET.SubElement(root, "string")
name.set("name", item_name)
if lang_name.find('%') != -1:
name.set("formatted", "false")
name.text = lang_name
def process_descriptions(c, item_ids):
f = open('descriptions.tsv', 'r')
it_names_root = ET.Element("resources")
it_descriptions_root = ET.Element("resources")
en_names_root = ET.Element("resources")
en_descriptions_root = ET.Element("resources")
record_id = 0
for line in f:
values = line.decode('utf-8').strip().split('\t')
item_name = values[0].strip().capitalize()
item_type = values[1]
calories = values[2]
it_name = values[3].strip().replace('"', '').replace("'","\\'")
it_desc = values[4].strip().replace('"', '').replace("'","\\'")
en_name = values[5]
en_desc = values[6].strip().replace('"', '').replace("'","\\'")
add_name_to_strings(it_names_root, item_name, it_name)
add_name_to_strings(it_descriptions_root, item_name + '_desc', it_desc)
add_name_to_strings(en_names_root, item_name, en_name)
add_name_to_strings(en_descriptions_root, item_name + '_desc', en_desc)
insert_item(c, record_id, item_name, item_type, calories)
item_ids[item_name] = record_id
record_id = record_id + 1
names_tree = ET.ElementTree(it_names_root)
names_tree.write("it_names.xml", pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8')
desc_tree = ET.ElementTree(it_descriptions_root)
desc_tree.write("it_descriptions.xml", pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8')
names_tree = ET.ElementTree(en_names_root)
names_tree.write("en_names.xml", pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8')
desc_tree = ET.ElementTree(en_descriptions_root)
desc_tree.write("en_descriptions.xml", pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8')
def process_file(c, config_file, area, item_ids):
print 'Processing file ' + config_file
f = open(config_file, 'r')
for line in f:
values = line.decode('utf-8').strip().split('\t')
name = values[0].strip().capitalize()
id = item_ids[name]
months = values[1:]
insert_record_per_month(c, id, months, area)
conn = sqlite3.connect('fruit')
c = conn.cursor()
item_ids = {}
process_descriptions(c, item_ids)
for idx, area in enumerate(areas):
filename = area.lower() + '.tsv'
process_file(c, filename, idx, item_ids)
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