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Created March 19, 2022 17:15
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BCP 47 language tags
Language Tag Language Region Description
ar-SA Arabic Saudi Arabia Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
bn-BD Bangla Bangladesh Bangla (Bangladesh)
bn-IN Bangla India Bangla (India)
cs-CZ Czech Czech Republic Czech (Czech Republic)
da-DK Danish Denmark Danish (Denmark)
de-AT German Austria Austrian German
de-CH German Switzerland "Swiss" German
de-DE German Germany Standard German (as spoken in Germany)
el-GR Greek Greece Modern Greek
en-AU English Australia Australian English
en-CA English Canada Canadian English
en-GB English United Kingdom British English
en-IE English Ireland Irish English
en-IN English India Indian English
en-NZ English New Zealand New Zealand English
en-US English United States US English
en-ZA English South Africa English (South Africa)
es-AR Spanish Argentina Argentine Spanish
es-CL Spanish Chile Chilean Spanish
es-CO Spanish Columbia Colombian Spanish
es-ES Spanish Spain Castilian Spanish (as spoken in Central-Northern Spain)
es-MX Spanish Mexico Mexican Spanish
es-US Spanish United States American Spanish
fi-FI Finnish Finland Finnish (Finland)
fr-BE French Belgium Belgian French
fr-CA French Canada Canadian French
fr-CH French Switzerland "Swiss" French
fr-FR French France Standard French (especially in France)
he-IL Hebrew Israel Hebrew (Israel)
hi-IN Hindi India Hindi (India)
hu-HU Hungarian Hungary Hungarian (Hungary)
id-ID Indonesian Indonesia Indonesian (Indonesia)
it-CH Italian Switzerland "Swiss" Italian
it-IT Italian Italy Standard Italian (as spoken in Italy)
jp-JP Japanese Japan Japanese (Japan)
ko-KR Korean Republic of Korea Korean (Republic of Korea)
nl-BE Dutch Belgium Belgian Dutch
nl-NL Dutch The Netherlands Standard Dutch (as spoken in The Netherlands)
no-NO Norwegian Norway Norwegian (Norway)
pl-PL Polish Poland Polish (Poland)
pt-BR Portugese Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
pt-PT Portugese Portugal European Portuguese (as written and spoken in Portugal)
ro-RO Romanian Romania Romanian (Romania)
ru-RU Russian Russian Federation Russian (Russian Federation)
sk-SK Slovak Slovakia Slovak (Slovakia)
sv-SE Swedish Sweden Swedish (Sweden)
ta-IN Tamil India Indian Tamil
ta-LK Tamil Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Tamil
th-TH Thai Thailand Thai (Thailand)
tr-TR Turkish Turkey Turkish (Turkey)
zh-CN Chinese China Mainland China, simplified characters
zh-HK Chinese Hond Kong Hong Kong, traditional characters
zh-TW Chinese Taiwan Taiwan, traditional characters
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