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Last active June 4, 2023 13:50
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Bash script for setting exif photo date according to filename. Created for whatsapp images can be easily adjusted for every filename patterns.
set -e #Exit as soon as any line in the bash script fails
for filename in *.jpg
#extracting info from file name
#setting exif timestamp into file
exiv2 -M"set Exif.Image.DateTime $year:$month:$day" $filename
#set the file last modified timestamp
touch -t "$year$month$day""1500" $filename
echo "successfully set the correct timestamp in $imageCounter images"
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Hi federicoB,

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    Please help me.

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nkuk377 commented Dec 22, 2022

I was trying to sort this problem out and found this code which helped me a lot. It worked like charm without changing anything.
I have 100-s of photos with right date-time on their names, but wrong in exif data.
I tried to modify this code to set the "time" stamp as in the photo's name, but could not make it work.
I stuck on error: "touch: invalid date format ‘20220412 200618’"
The example file I am trying this on is "IMG_20220412_200618.jpg"
I declared 3 more variables: $hour, $min, $sec, then tweak around, but no luck.
Please, give me a clue how to implement this.
Thanks for your code =)

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