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Last active Dec 14, 2015
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Open source project power estimation formula

Each open source project has a power, which will be represented in human ressources behind it. The quantity of project maintainers and theirs qualities could determine the success of the project.

There are important elements, which plays a lot :

  • Vertical axe of competences must be completed
  • Total quantity of people
  • People must be well connected to work together on the project
  • Team members must help each other by their competences
  • People must know and exchange with maximum quantity of members inside the community
  • The total level of competences on each level of axe of competences must be strong

We could define formulas, which will represent the power of open source project :

power = people quantity * people connection * competence of the project

competences of the level = SUM (competence of each person * competence level) / maximal value of the competence of unique person

competence of the project =  SUM (competences of the level) / total competences useful for the project 
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