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Setting up Rails on Beanstalk


  1. Make a new rails app and initilize through git
$ chruby 2.0.0
$ gem install rails
$ rails new myapp ~/src
$ cd ~/src/myapp
$ git init
  1. Install elastic beanstalk command line tools and initialize
$ brew install aws-elasticbeanstalk
$ eb init

Setting up your beanstalk

  1. Enter your AWS Access Key ID (stores for future projects)
  2. Enter your AWS Secret Access Key (stores for future projects)
  3. Select US East (Virginia) for region
  4. Enter an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application name: (autogenerated is fine):
  5. Enter an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment name (auto-generated is fine):
  6. Select Webserver as your environment tier
  7. 31 or 32 work fine as a solution stack (ruby 2.0.0 w/puma or ruby 2.0.0 w/passenger)
  8. Creating a Single instance
  9. Create an RDS database (sure why not)
  10. Create a snapshot? (backups are always good)
  11. Attach an instance profile? I would not worry about this for now (default:1, continue anyway? yes)
  12. Now to create your myapp-env
$ eb start
  1. Would you like to deploy the latest Git commit to your environment? (no)
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