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Ansible playbook to update and upgrade Debian hosts
- hosts: all
sudo: yes
- name: Update packages list
apt: update_cache=yes
when: ansible_os_family == 'Debian'
- name: List packages to upgrade (1/2)
shell: aptitude -q -F%p --disable-columns search ~U
register: updates
changed_when: False
when: ansible_os_family == 'Debian'
failed_when: updates.rc < 0
- name: List packages to upgrade (2/2)
debug: msg="{{ updates.stdout_lines | count }} packages to upgrade ({{ updates.stdout_lines | join(', ') }})"
when: (ansible_os_family == 'Debian' and updates.stdout_lines)
- name: Upgrade packages
apt: upgrade=safe
when: ansible_os_family == 'Debian'
- name: Check what the new version is
shell: lsb_release -r | awk '{print $2}'
changed_when: False
register: new_release
- name: Notify distribution version upgrade
debug: msg="Debian has been upgraded from {{ ansible_lsb.release }} to {{ new_release.stdout }}"
when: ansible_lsb.release != new_release.stdout
- name: List services to restart (1/2)
shell: checkrestart | grep ^service | awk '{print $2}'
register: services
changed_when: False
when: ansible_os_family == 'Debian'
- name: List services to restart (2/2)
debug: msg="{{ services.stdout_lines | count }} services to restart ({{ services.stdout_lines | join (', ') }})"
when: (ansible_os_family == 'Debian' and services.stdout_lines)
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