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Testing infobar suppress (bug 1371819)
*** Using a fresh profile with the latest Nightly
1 - set the pref "" to true
2 - Sanity check:
Visit the following websites and make sure that the infobar appears:
Note 1: do not click on the X in the infobar because we don't want to treat this as a dismissal.
Revisit the website to ensure that the infobar is showing every time.
Note 2: the string of the infobar has changed. It now says "This site uses a plugin that may slow Firefox."
*** Changing to the staging blocklist:
3 - Open browser console again to paste and Enter:
Preferences.set("browser.safebrowsing.provider.mozilla.updateURL",Preferences.get("browser.safebrowsing.provider.mozilla.updateURL").replace("", ""));
4 - Restart the browser
5 - Wait a while. You can keep an eye on the pref "browser.safebrowsing.provider.mozilla.nextupdatetime" in about:config.
Once it changes to a big value again, you're good to continue
6 - Sanity check:
- Check that you're now in Week 4 by running the checking instructions below
**** Real test:
7 - Revisit those same websites, and verify that:
- the infobar *does not* appear now
- the "Lego" icon *still* appears in the URL bar
- it's possible to successfully activate Flash by clicking on the Lego icon and allowing it to run
========== Checking what's the corresponding Week for the blocklist =========
Paste all of the above lines all together in the Browser Console, and press Enter:
function checkWeek() {
let classifier = Cc[';1']
let { NetUtil } = Cu.import("resource://gre/modules/NetUtil.jsm", {});
let table = Services.prefs.getCharPref("urlclassifier.flashSubDocTable");
for (let i = 1;;i++) {
let url = `https://week${i}`;
let uri = NetUtil.newURI(url);
let result = classifier.classifyLocal(uri, table);
if (result == "") {
console.log(`You're in Week ${i-1} of the Flash Shield Study`);
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