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ES6 module to recursively convert snake case keys in an object to camel case using lodash.
'use strict';
import 'lodash';
export default function (object) {
let camelCaseObject = _.cloneDeep(object);
// Convert keys to camel case
camelCaseObject = _.mapKeys(camelCaseObject, (value, key) => {
return key.replace(/(_\w)/, match => match[1].toUpperCase());
// Recursively apply throughout object
return _.mapValues(
value => {
if (_.isPlainObject(value)) {
return keysToCamelCase(value);
} else if (_.isArray(value)) {
return, keysToCamelCase);
} else {
return value;

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emcmanus commented Mar 3, 2017

Nice! Use global replace for multiple snake_case words (e.g. my_bad_key).

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