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Created Apr 1, 2015
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Erlang not good with strings
%% -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
%% wat_clauses:
%% a warning should be emitted as 2nd clause will never match (given 1st clause)
%% API
authenticate_nouns([{<<"user_auth">>, _}]) -> 'true';
authenticate_nouns([{<<"user_auth">>, [<<"recovery">>]}]) -> hi;
authenticate_nouns(_Nouns) -> 'false'.
%% End of Module.

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@jamesaimonetti jamesaimonetti commented Apr 1, 2015

Probably not the intended order!


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@fenollp fenollp commented Apr 1, 2015

Yes, wat_clauses:authenticate_nouns([{<<"user_auth">>, [<<"recovery">>]}]) is true instead of hi.

The thing is warnings need to be emitted, either by erlc or dialyzer, and none do.

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