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Median value of two same-length sorted lists
# Returns the two median values of two same-length sorted lists
# Algorithm complexity: O(lg n), n being the length of the lists
# Usage: [firstlist] [secondlist]
# Input lists as integers separated by spaces (wrap list in quotemarks to input it as one command line argument)
import math, sys
def mediane(X, Y):
n = len(X)
if n == 2:
T = X + Y
return T
pivot = math.ceil((n-1)/2)
if X[pivot] < Y[pivot]:
X = X[math.floor((n-1)/2):]
Y = Y[:math.floor(n/2)+1]
X = X[:math.floor(n/2)+1]
Y = Y[math.floor((n-1)/2):]
return mediane(X, Y)
def main(argv):
X = argv[0].split(" ")
Y = argv[1].split(" ")
for i in range(len(X)):
X[i] = int(X[i])
Y[i] = int(Y[i])
print (mediane(X, Y))
if __name__ == "__main__":
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