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Conversion from rar to zip
# rar2zip conversion script
# Based on:
# Usage: file [file ...]
echo "Converting RARs to ZIPs"
# Use RAM disk for temporary files.
for INFILE in "$@"; do
# Absolute path to old file
OLDFILE=`realpath "${INFILE}"`
# Get the file name without the extension
BASENAME=`basename "${OLDFILE%.*}"`
# Path for the file. The ".zip" file will be written there.
DIRNAME=`dirname "$OLDFILE"`
# Name of the .zip file
if [ ! -e "${NEWNAME}" ]; then
# Set name for the temp dir. This directory will be created under WORKDIR
TEMPDIR=`mktemp -p "$WORKDIR" -d`
# Create a temporary folder for unRARed files
echo "Extracting $OLDFILE"
rar x "$OLDFILE" "${TEMPDIR}/"
# Zip the files with maximum compression
7z a -tzip -mx=9 "$NEWNAME" "${TEMPDIR}/*"
# Alternative. MUCH SLOWER, but better compression
# 7z a -mm=Deflate -mfb=258 -mpass=15 -r "$NEWNAME" *
# Preserve file modification time
touch -r "$OLDFILE" "$NEWNAME"
# Delete the temporary directory
rm -r "$TEMPDIR"
# OPTIONAL. Safe-remove the old file
gio trash "$OLDFILE"
echo "${NEWNAME}: File exists!"
echo "Conversion Done"
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