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Once I’ve updated the dependencies I set off to test it:
= I set my user Feature flags to be on
= Connected to the VPN and reset the user idverification  data from the database using this guide
= Try to login, wasn’t able to because of some backend problem affecting other devs as well
= Took a few hours to fix the problem, but only for my specific user, not sure if the more general problem is fixed (I think backend is investigating)
= But now I’m also getting an error while refreshing profile, it’s showing a message to the user “Unknown error” (started debugging, after a while I found out this courier has no cc and that might be the reason)
= Added a credit card using , but the issue wasn’t resolved
= Logged out to try logging in again and now I’m getting an empty toast in the screen, can’t log back in (empty message showing up, recorded a video and let the team know about it)
= It seemed a problem with the user, after reinstalling the app, clearing my caches could not get to the bottom of it. Using a different user now
= Need to reset the new user for id verification using instruction here
= Once done, I need to book a slot again, took me some time to figure out how to this, needed help from backend
= After reseting the user,  The button “id verification completed” is not showing in the profile anymore, this is good! but I’m not prompted to id verification ether… even after booking a slot :thinking_face:
= Investigate why
= While investigating I started getting a “Something went wrong” random message when refreshing the NEW user profile :psyduck:
= Looks like a 500  <-- 500 (284ms)
= Looked it up in datadog
= give up? :sweat:
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