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Install Multiple Crystal Lang Versions on OSX (Homebrew)

Install Multiple Crystal Lang Versions on OSX (Homebrew)

brew unlink crystal-lang
brew install <url to formula> # check more on appendix below

If you'd like to check for installed crystal versions, just run:

brew switch crystal-lang 0
# Error: crystal-lang does not have a version "0" in the Cellar.
# Versions available: 0.15.0, 0.16.0, 0.17.0, 0.17.1, 0.17.2, 0.17.3, 0.17.4

ps: 0 is just a dummy non-existing version so homebrew breaks and show you available versions.

Then you can easily switch to a specific version using:

brew switch crystal-lang 0.17.4

Being honestly, this approach is only useful if you need to build a project or run spec suite, if you have need to run a small snippet, use and make world a better place! :)

Appendix Crystal Homebrew History

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