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import { useEffect, useMemo, useState, useCallback } from "react";
import useQueryString from "./useQueryString";
function useQueryStringWithIndexValue(key, initialIndex, values) {
const computedValues = useMemo(() => => v.toLowerCase()), [
const [value, onSetValue] = useQueryString(key, values[initialIndex]);
const [index, setIndex] = useState(initialIndex);
const onSetIndex = useCallback(
index => {
const newValue = computedValues[index];
[computedValues, onSetValue]
function onValueChange() {
const newIndex = computedValues.findIndex(v => v === value);
setIndex(newIndex >= 0 ? newIndex : initialIndex);
[value, computedValues, initialIndex]
return [index, onSetIndex];
export default useQueryStringWithIndexValue;

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@DarkPage DarkPage commented Nov 18, 2020

Nice work to async state to url. I try your useQueryString. It works fine. But i don't understand how to use the useQueryStringWithIndexValue.
Expect for your demo.

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