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How to create an RPM repository
# How to create an RPM repository
# This is for Redhat 64 bit versions of Linux. You can create your own RPM repository # to host your custom RPM packages.
# See "How to create an RPM from source with spec file" for more information.
# Step: 1
# Install createrepo
yum install -y createrepo
# Step: 2
# Create repo directories for hosting your rpms.
# Create your repository inside your base directory. You will also need some rpms for
# your repo. For this example, I am using RHEL6 and /var/www/repo as base directory.
mkdir -p /var/www/repo/rhel/6/{SRPMS,x86_64}
# Step: 3
# Create `create-repo-metadata` executable file
# Use the `create-repo-metadata` command, which can create by downloading a shell
# script and making it an executable file. Make sure this file is in a directory in
# your $PATH. Run the command `echo $PATH` to list them. Install in /usr/local/bin
# IMPORTANT: In the script above, replace the path in 'DESTDIR' with:
# /var/www/repo/rhel/6
curl > /usr/local/bin/create-repo-metadata
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/create-repo-metadata
# Step: 4
# Create the repository metadata
# After creating the metadata, your repository will be ready for use
# Tip!
# If you have made this repo publicly available, others can use this yum repo config
# file to update their own systems.
# Run `vi /etc/yum.repos.d/my.repo` to create the file
name=My Repository
# Then simply run `yum update` to install the rpms.
yum update

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irab commented May 28, 2016

Your link is broken (301 error). I'm assuming you want to point to


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bateller commented Jan 29, 2019

@irab That seems to be correct. He tried linking directly to the "raw" version of gist #1377169 however the link is outdated.

The latest (as of right now, might be outdated in the future) raw gist to change the link on line 31 is:

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