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WebTorrent Roadmap

WebTorrent Roadmap

v1.0.0 Prove the vision YouTube for public domain content

  • Make website
  • Find public domain content
  • Host content to ensure it’s always available
  • Need web seed support
    • Torrents lacking seeders can be downloaded from http server
    • Contacted by music promoter/manager who wanted to fund development of this feature ($500-$1000 reward). Any takers?
  • Better MediaSource support
    • On-the-fly MP4 repackaging to support seeking (@jhiesey)
    • Stretch goal: On-the-fly MKV repackaging (@jhiesey)
  • Fix simple-peer race condition
  • Get mainstream tech news coverage of!
  • Consider raising crowdfunding at this point, since people will finally see that this works! Learn about WebTorrent

  • Explanation of WebTorrent extensions (need to write a BEP)
  • Frequently Answered Questions
  • Better docs
    • Getting started tutorial
    • Short, quick video tutorials
    • “Modules We Use” page, inspired by the dat project
  • Links to sample apps
    • Whiteboard
    • We need to write more!
  • Make WebTorrent stickers! Secure, anonymous, streaming file transfer

v2.0.0 Let’s take this mainstream

  • Desktop client for Mac, Windows, Linux, Firefox OS, Android, Chrome OS
  • Fast, lightweight
  • Instant streaming video
  • WebRTC support (hybrid client)
  • RSS feed support for recurring/updating content
  • Need to squash all memory leaks & performance issues to make this into a robust client that can handle seeding 50+ torrents at a time.
  • Need to fix FSStorage bug where streaming sometimes freezes.

Pull requests to other projects

  • Send PR to libtorrent to add WebTorrent support
  • Stretch goal: Send PR to libtransmission/vuze to add support

v3.0.0 Mad Science


  • Explore the feasibility of building a WebRTC DHT that will scale (and reduce the load on the WebTorrent tracker)

Decentralized keyword search

  • Eliminate the need for centralized search engines
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singpolyma commented Apr 13, 2016

For locating free content, we are curating a list at

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DhruvParanjape commented May 8, 2016

Any timeline for Android app ?

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