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KCDC 2017 Abstracts

Let's face it - continuous deployment (continuous deployment) for many is a pipe dream. It's difficult, it's hard to support, and it's hard to get right. Finding the best tools for the job can be difficult. Ensuring there is a clear trace back to source can also be difficult. In this talk we will broach such subjects as:

  • Benefits and Requirements of CD (The why)
  • How CD works in every organization (remember, CD is not just about production deployments)
  • Fundamentals of Software development and why they are crucial to CD
  • The best tools available (although maybe a slight bias here, Rob will welcome other folks a quick 30 seconds to make cases for alternatives Rob doesn't mention)
  • Patterns of Deployment based on experience (The how)

Rob has over 10 years experience in infrastructure automation and has worked with continuous deployment approaches since 2006.

Abstract: You can't spell DevOps properly without good software management (package management). Chocolatey is the de facto package manager for Windows. When shifting from traditional methods of software deployment to packaging, there is a bit of a learning curve. Come learn the best approaches for Windows.

Presentation: When it comes to DevOps, you can't spell it properly without good software management (aka package management). Behind every great infrastructure management solution out there is a great package manager. Windows has long been left out of the conversation for DevOps due to a lacking solution for package management. Worse, with Windows, over 80% of the management and configuration deals with software installation management.

However over the past 6 years, Chocolatey has become the de facto software management solution for Windows. Hundreds of organizations have turned to Chocolatey due to it's extreme flexibility, common sense approaches, and building on well-known technologies like PowerShell. Even certain groups at Microsoft use Chocolatey!

When shifting from traditional methods of software deployment to packaging, there is a bit of a learning curve. Learn the best approaches to package management. In this workshop you will get hands on experience with:

  • Creating packages
  • Creating packages with Package Builder
  • Creating packages with Package Internalizer
  • Setting up Chocolatey package repository
  • Reporting
  • Extension Packages
  • Template Packages
  • Handling Package parameters

Rob is the founder of Chocolatey Software and the creator of Chocolatey. He's been helping organizations find the best approaches to software management for over 10 years and created Chocolatey just over 6 years ago as a way to bring sanity and simplicity to traditional complex approaches to Windows.

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