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Git Symlinks POSIX vs Windows - Fixes Permission Denied issues when you share a repository as part of your Shared Folders with one or more Windows VMs.
# This fixes Permission denied errors you might get when
# there are git symlinks being used on repositories that
# you share in both POSIX (usually the host) and Windows (VM).
# This is not an issue if you are checking out the same
# repository separately in each platform. This is only an issue
# when it's the same working set (aka make a change w/out
# committing on OSX, go to Windows VM and git status would show
# you that change).
# Based on this answer on stack overflow:
# No warranties, good luck
$symlinks = &git ls-files -s | gawk '/120000/{print $4}'
foreach ($symlink in $symlinks) {
write-host $symlink
&git update-index --assume-unchanged $symlink
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