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Simple tricks for working with Laravel Mix

Simple tricks for working with Laravel Mix


  1. Start PHP development server or (artisan serve) along side webpack-dev-server in single command
  2. Serve static files inside storage/app/public without creating symlink to public directory


  1. Use node child_process to spawn artisan serve command while starting webpack-dev-server
  2. Use browser-sync's staticServe options


Simply run

$ npm run hot

and then visi http://localhost:3000 we'll see our development server is running seemlessly.

  • Laravel development server running at port 8000
  • BrowserSync proxy server running at port 3000
  • Webpack Dev Server for Hot Module Replacement running at port 8080
const mix = require('laravel-mix')
const { spawn } = require('child_process')
// Start Artisan Serve
let serve
Mix.listen('init', () => {
if (!mix.config.hmr) return
serve = spawn('php', ['artisan', 'serve'])
function onData (data) {
serve.stdout.on('data', onData)
serve.stderr.on('data', onData)
serve.on('close', (code) => {'Server closed with status:', code)
process.on('exit', () => {
if (serve) serve.kill('SIGKILL')
// Configure BrowserSync
// See:
open: false,
proxy: 'localhost:8000',
// see
serveStatic: [
route: '/storage',
dir: 'storage/app/public'
// Another mix config
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