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Created Oct 7, 2012
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A test suite for PA3 of the Coursera PGM couse
% A simple test suite for PA 3
% copy the comparedata.m file from last week's test suite or from
% into the directory for this weeks assignment and save this file
% as PA3Test.m
% A test can have three different results:
% - If the test suite says "OK", your code produced the exactly the same
% output as the sample data.
% - If it says "ok with warnings", the output of your code will probably
% pass the initial submit check, but differs from the sample output.
% A likely cause is that a val-array contains the right values in the
% right order, but a different shape (like a row instead of a column
% vector).
% - If it says "FAIL", your code produced something that will most
% probably not be accepted.
% If you call PA3Test, it will always run all tests in sequence until the
% first test fails.
function result = PA3Test()
models = load('PA3Models.mat');
samples = load('PA3SampleCases.mat');
ok = true;
for test = 1:6
if ~ok
switch test
case 1
images = samples.Part1SampleImagesInput;
factors = ComputeSingletonFactors(images, models.imageModel);
ok = checkResult('ComputeSingletonFactors', samples.Part1SampleFactorsOutput, SortAllFactors(factors), factors);
case 2
images = samples.Part2SampleImagesInput;
factors = ComputePairwiseFactors(images, models.pairwiseModel, models.imageModel.K);
ok = checkResult('ComputePairwiseFactors', samples.Part2SampleFactorsOutput, SortAllFactors(factors), factors);
case 3
images = samples.Part3SampleImagesInput;
factors = ComputeTripletFactors(images, models.tripletList, models.imageModel.K);
factors = SortAllFactors(factors);
ok = checkResult('ComputeTripletFactors', samples.Part3SampleFactorsOutput, SortAllFactors(factors), factors);
case 4
images = samples.Part4SampleImagesInput;
factor = ComputeSimilarityFactor(images, models.imageModel.K, 1, 2);
ok = checkResult('ComputeSimilarityFactors', samples.Part4SampleFactorOutput, SortFactorVars(factor), factor);
case 5
images = samples.Part5SampleImagesInput;
factors = ComputeAllSimilarityFactors(images, models.imageModel.K);
factors = SortAllFactors(factors);
ok = checkResult('ComputeAllSimilarityFactors', samples.Part5SampleFactorsOutput, SortAllFactors(factors), factors);
case 6
allFactors = samples.Part6SampleFactorsInput;
factors = ChooseTopSimilarityFactors(allFactors, 2);
factors = SortAllFactors(factors);
ok = checkResult('ChooseTopSimilarityFactors', samples.Part6SampleFactorsOutput, SortAllFactors(factors), factors);
function f = SortAllFactors(factors)
for i = 1:length(factors)
factors(i) = SortFactorVars(factors(i));
varMat = vertcat(factors(:).var);
[unused, order] = sortrows(varMat);
f = factors(order);
function G = SortFactorVars(F)
[sortedVars, order] = sort(F.var);
G.var = sortedVars;
G.card = F.card(order);
G.val = zeros(numel(F.val), 1);
assignmentsInF = IndexToAssignment(1:numel(F.val), F.card);
assignmentsInG = assignmentsInF(:,order);
G.val(AssignmentToIndex(assignmentsInG, G.card)) = F.val;
function res = checkResult(label, expected, sorted, raw)
fprintf('%s ...\n', label);
params = struct('displaycontextprogress', 0, 'NumericTolerance', 1e-6);
cmp = comparedata(expected, sorted, [], params);
if cmp
rawCmp = comparedata(expected, raw, [], params);
if rawCmp
fprintf('%s: OK\n', label);
fprintf('%s: ok with warnings\n', label);
res = true;
fprintf('%s: FAIL\n', label);
res = false

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@ghost ghost commented May 2, 2013

Thanks :)


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@kudkudak kudkudak commented May 6, 2013

Great work :)


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@renaud renaud commented May 7, 2013


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