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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- SQL XML created by WWW SQL Designer, -->
<!-- Active URL: -->
<datatypes db="mysql">
<group label="Numeric" color="rgb(238,238,170)">
<type label="Integer" length="0" sql="INTEGER" re="INT" quote=""/>
<type label="Decimal" length="1" sql="DECIMAL" re="DEC" quote=""/>
<type label="Single precision" length="0" sql="FLOAT" quote=""/>
<type label="Double precision" length="0" sql="DOUBLE" re="DOUBLE" quote=""/>
<group label="Character" color="rgb(255,200,200)">
<type label="Char" length="1" sql="CHAR" quote="'"/>
<type label="Varchar" length="1" sql="VARCHAR" quote="'"/>
<type label="Text" length="0" sql="MEDIUMTEXT" re="TEXT" quote="'"/>
<type label="Binary" length="1" sql="BINARY" quote="'"/>
<type label="Varbinary" length="1" sql="VARBINARY" quote="'"/>
<type label="BLOB" length="0" sql="BLOB" re="BLOB" quote="'"/>
<group label="Date &amp; Time" color="rgb(200,255,200)">
<type label="Date" length="0" sql="DATE" quote="'"/>
<type label="Time" length="0" sql="TIME" quote="'"/>
<type label="Datetime" length="0" sql="DATETIME" quote="'"/>
<type label="Year" length="0" sql="YEAR" quote=""/>
<type label="Timestamp" length="0" sql="TIMESTAMP" quote="'"/>
<group label="Miscellaneous" color="rgb(200,200,255)">
<type label="ENUM" length="1" sql="ENUM" quote=""/>
<type label="SET" length="1" sql="SET" quote=""/>
<type label="Bit" length="0" sql="bit" quote=""/>
</datatypes><table x="77" y="26" name="test">
<row name="id" null="1" autoincrement="1">
<row name="name" null="1" autoincrement="0">
<key type="PRIMARY" name="">
<table x="317" y="74" name="foo">
<row name="id" null="1" autoincrement="1">
<row name="frn_test_id" null="0" autoincrement="0">
<default>NULL</default><relation table="test" row="id" />
<key type="PRIMARY" name="">
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