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"Replug" the cable of running VirtualBox VM (network freeze in guest VM after host windows hybernate - awake)
@echo off
set VboxManageEXE="%VBOX_MSI_INSTALL_PATH%\VBoxManage.exe"
set ListRunningVMS=%VboxManageEXE% list runningvms
for /f tokens^=2^,4^ delims^=^" %%p in ('%ListRunningVMS%') do (
echo "%%p"
%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p setlinkstate1 off
%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p setlinkstate1 on
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filimonov commented Nov 25, 2018

Related to

Generally it gets the list of running machines, and after that for each VM calls:

VBoxManage controlvm "machine_name" setlinkstate1 off   # unplug the cable from network card #1 
VBoxManage controlvm "machine_name" setlinkstate1 on    # plug the cable back 

Adjust the script if you use multiple network cards (setlinkstate - where N is the number of network card).

Iteration on active vms is based on

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jportoles commented Apr 7, 2019

If the method above doesn't work, replace:

%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p setlinkstate1 off
%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p setlinkstate1 on


%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p nicpromisc1 deny
%VBoxManageEXE% controlvm %%p nicpromisc1 allow-all

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