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Created Aug 24, 2017
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If you need to go from io.Reader to io.Reader but need to do a streaming io.Writer -> io.Reader before hand, this redirects the output
type NoOpWriteCloser struct {
writer io.Writer
func (c *NoOpWriteCloser) Write(p []byte) (int, error) {
return c.writer.Write(p)
func (c *NoOpWriteCloser) Close() error {
return nil
type Redirect struct {
src io.Reader
srcEOF bool
redirect io.WriteCloser
dest io.Reader
func NewRedirect(src io.Reader, redirect io.WriteCloser, dest io.Reader) *Redirect {
var writeCloser io.WriteCloser
if wcloser, ok := redirect.(io.WriteCloser); ok {
writeCloser = wcloser
} else {
writeCloser = &NoOpWriteCloser{redirect}
return &Redirect{
src: io.TeeReader(src, redirect),
srcEOF: false,
dest: dest,
redirect: writeCloser,
func (r *Redirect) Read(p []byte) (int, error) {
if !r.srcEOF {
_, err := r.src.Read(p)
if err == io.EOF {
r.srcEOF = true
return r.dest.Read(p)
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