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Trying to spawn a vessel directly without pitching to flight
namespace SomeAssemblyRequired
[KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.EditorAny, true)]
public class EditorModule : MonoBehaviour
void Start()
EditorLogic.fetch.launchBtn.onClick.AddListener(delegate { OnLaunchClick(); });
public void OnLaunchClick()
ShipConstruct ship = EditorLogic.fetch.ship;
SomeAssemblyRequired.Instance.savedShip = ship.SaveShip();
string LaunchSiteName = "LaunchPad";
PSystemSetup.SpaceCenterFacility spaceCenterFacility = PSystemSetup.Instance.GetSpaceCenterFacility(LaunchSiteName);
PSystemSetup.SpaceCenterFacility.SpawnPoint spawnPoint = spaceCenterFacility.GetSpawnPoint(LaunchSiteName);
Transform spawnPointTransform = spawnPoint.GetSpawnPointTransform();
ShipConstruction.PutShipToGround(ship, spawnPointTransform);

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@fingerboxes fingerboxes commented Sep 29, 2016

Unable to find the transform... Does it only exist in flight scene?

[PSystemSetup::SpaceCenterFacility::SpawnPoint]: Cannot find a transform named 'Facility/LaunchPad_spawn' on 'LaunchPad'

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