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finnoleary /
Created February 21, 2018 12:14
Vim Anywhere replacement (Anywhere Xorg will run this will)
fn="$(date -Iseconds)"
[ ! -d $dir ] && mkdir $dir
$TERM -c 'vim $dir$fn' && cat $dir$fn | xsel -b -i
finnoleary / gist:d45374959439f8077ac942c6bb366243
Created December 11, 2017 05:34
Fix for Alpine Linux gettext problem with libattr.
thethreefuries.alx attr> make
tools/attr.o: In function `usage':
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:48: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
tools/attr.o: In function `main':
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:73: undefined reference to `libintl_bindtextdomain'
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:74: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:140: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:248: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
/home/alx/g/attr/tools/attr.c:184: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
finnoleary / gist:ea1ba1ed9a19fab6bb27a8bec82465ee
Created November 5, 2017 09:00
rotonde filter syntax (plus tags ofc)
filter:clear -- clears all active filters
filter:tags +tag0 +tag1 -- adds a list of tag filters
filter:users @user0 @user1 -- adds a list of users to filter by
filter <keyword>
filter:@user+tag0 <keywords>
or some variation thereof
finnoleary / signal-debug-log_2017-10-17T05:00:00+0100
Created October 17, 2017 04:01
Signal Debug Log: 2017-10-17T05:00:00+0100
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Signal/1.0.30 Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Electron/1.6.14 Safari/537.36 node/7.4.0
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:51.285Z app ready
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:51.305Z Initializing BrowserWindow config: {"width":800,"height":610,"minWidth":700,"minHeight":360,"webPreferences":{"nodeIntegration":false,"preload":"/usr/lib/signal/resources/app.asar/preload.js"}}
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:52.084Z Detected Linux. Setting up spell check with locale en_GB and dictionary location /usr/share/hunspell
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:52.643Z pre-main prep time: 8 ms
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:52.999Z Build expires: 2018-01-11T10:14:16.000Z
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:53.001Z background page reloaded
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:53.002Z environment: production
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:53.327Z migration 1.0
INFO 2017-10-17T03:38:53.327Z creating object stores