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Top Cloud Analysts

A subjective list of the top cloud analysts. Keep in mind that I worked at both RedMonk and Gartner, so you can take my biases into account.

  • Lydia Leong - @cloudpundit [blog] - Hands down the best cloud analyst out there. Started covering cloud when most of then analyst firms thought that cloud would be vapourized by the legacy vendors.
  • RedMonk - The entire team, but a special call out to Stephen O'Grady. His book The New KingMakers showed the world we all now operate in before many vendors and enterprises even knew what devrel or cloud was.
  • Charles Fitzpatrick [blog] - This is solely for the "Follow the CapEx" series Charles updates, but this series is key to understanding what vendors are actually investing in cloud versus who is really just talking about it in marketing materials.
  • Ben Thompson [website]- not directly a cloud analyst, but provides really great insights into macro trends and disruptors. For a taster read his thoughts on Cloudflare.
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