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OkHttpIdlingResource in Kotlin
import androidx.annotation.CheckResult
import androidx.annotation.NonNull
import androidx.test.espresso.IdlingResource
import okhttp3.Dispatcher
import okhttp3.OkHttpClient
class OkHttpIdlingResource private constructor(
private val resourceName: String, private val dispatcher: Dispatcher
) : IdlingResource {
companion object {
fun create(
@NonNull name: String,
@NonNull client: OkHttpClient
): OkHttpIdlingResource {
return OkHttpIdlingResource(name, client.dispatcher)
var resourceCallback: IdlingResource.ResourceCallback? = null
init {
dispatcher.idleCallback = Runnable { resourceCallback?.onTransitionToIdle() }
override fun getName(): String = resourceName
override fun isIdleNow(): Boolean = dispatcher.runningCallsCount() == 0
override fun registerIdleTransitionCallback(callback: IdlingResource.ResourceCallback?) {
resourceCallback = callback
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