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import urllib2
def get_ciphertext(p):
assert(len(p) <= 16)
p += '#' * (16-len(p))
plain2 = int("echo \"This is a ".encode('hex'), 16)
iv = 0x1244112edbf81e9b37849824eccf92f1
d = '7f17510921b23bcdca5e06d3ac4baee60ea5abc1f309eca3bfb3c5a2b5c54e53f65fd11502c1efed53c8f239ab12f40d2b3b108e161fa09afedb7b462f02981b9cfbd7ce571fe73fe5514bb97835c7c5469c7e1d0df5bc58170e0c7c26340e27'
return hex(int(p.encode('hex'), 16) ^ iv ^ plain2)[2:-1].rjust(32, '0') + d
cmd = 'cat flag.txt;'
print get_ciphertext(cmd);
print urllib2.urlopen('' + get_ciphertext(cmd)).read()
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