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Last active Jan 21, 2019
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This gist is a "table of contents" for the finished versions of things I've designed, either for 3d-printed or lasercutting.

Tapered text

Prompted by a G+ post I hacked up a demo of tapered text

Badge holder

Inspired by laser origami and having wanted a smaller badge holder for a while, this is ghost-badge. Cut out of a clear sheet of 1.4mm PETG and (hand) folded with a heat-gun and a ruler, this does a nice job of holding a badge. Make sure to select either layer and click "Update" to get the two different layers to cut & mark. SVG version of the same.

Unfortunately after a few months of use, the PET-G became cloudier and less transparent/shiny than it had started out. Its successor is badge-frame which avoids the problem by restricting the PET-G to the boundary of the badge. My original plan was to super-glue two inner & two outer layers together, but the edges are too narrow for my gluing skills. Using metallic tape to wrap the bottom & sides instead made a great substitute. Photos.

Flattening/unfolding 3D into 2D

My take on a cool idea I saw on the G+ community. Discussed in the comments on my post.

Phone Car Dock, a.k.a. vent-fin holder

Below are the iterations I went through to create a dock/holder for my Nexus6 (and then Pixel XL) that would mount onto a vent-fin in my car. Photos of the results and some backstory are in album#1, album#2, and album#3.

  1. First cut of a PLA-based design. Works well with the clip from thing:1305973. This is mostly for general interest, though, since PLA is a poor fit for the environment (cars that get hot) and the clip in the .jscad file is ~garbage.

  2. Laser-cut silly box; another mostly-just-for-curiosity thing, as the result is far too slick/loose to use.

  3. Laser-cut SUCCESS

Desk-rack for phones & tablets

Photos and design

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