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This script can be used by Access to Memory (AtoM) users who have encountered bug #10276 (, and have accidentally created slugs (permalinks) for users or other entities with periods in them - these slugs will fail, rendering the record inaccessible. This script can be run from AtoM's root directory u…
print "Fixing invalid slugs...\n";
// add separator characters you want to convert FROM (DO NOT ADD A BACKSLASH HERE)
$separators = array('.', '/');
// change all instances of 'separator' to dash '-'.
foreach ($separators as $separator)
print 'Updating where slug contains: ' . $separator . "\n";
$r = QubitPdo::prepareAndExecute('UPDATE slug SET slug = REPLACE(slug, "' . $separator . '", "-") WHERE slug LIKE "%' . $separator . '%"');
$counter += $r->rowCount();
print 'Done. Fixed '.$counter." slugs.\n";
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