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WebAssembly CG TLDR

TL;DR: WebAssembly CG Meeting, April 16, 2019

  • Agenda
  • Dan Gohman, Mozilla was voted to Chair the WASI subgroup with unanimous consent
  • Proposal for a second chair (Co-chair), Sam Clegg, Google volunteered but decision was postponed until the next meeting
  • A vote was proposed for adopting the WASI subgroup charter and was accepted without objections
  • A vote was proposed for landing the reference libc implementation for WASI, but eventually postponed. The implementation uses MUSL that is MIT licensed, with no precedence of MIT-licensed code in the codebase before. Vote was postponed until after consulting with legal for guidance on this, and the various other licenses in use/included currently.
  • Sergey Rubanov raised the issue for making the CG more inclusive, proposed several apps to complement the current communication channels (e.g. IRC).
  • Till Schneidereit, Mozilla offered to pitch an overview of Discord (already used by the Rust Project and rustwasm) on the next meeting.
  • Everett Hildenbrandt introduced the K language.

    In K, users can define formal syntax and semantics of programming languages as K definitions, and automatically obtain parsers, interpreters, compilers, and various verification tools for their languages.kframework/kore

  • One may use K and the WebAssembly Semantics (among other things) for formal verification of WebAssembly code, including verifying ewasm smart contracts running on the Ethereum EVM virtual machine.
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