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Last active April 6, 2022 22:32
What would you like to do? auto update IPv4 tool python
import urllib.request
import requests # pip install requests
import time
token = # your token
zone = # your zone
while True:
time.sleep(30) # adjust for how long the wait during update checks should be. time is in seconds.
ip = urllib.request.urlopen('').read().decode('utf8') is a tool for identifiying your ipv4 address
request = urllib.request.urlopen(f"{ip}&token={token}&zone={zone}")
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lemmy04 commented Jul 22, 2021 returns my ipv6 address and no ipv4...

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flid0 commented Jul 28, 2021 returns my ipv6 address and no ipv4...

It should return your ipv4 address due to the sub domain 'ipv4'.etc
I know the auto version is buggy and I'll fix it soon.
Manual version should work.

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Razuuu commented Dec 22, 2021

use or

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