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Greasemonkey Userscript to let you have nicknames for your Bank of America payees.
// ==UserScript==
// @name BOFA
// @namespace
// @description script to let you have nicknames for your Bank of America payees. Click "Create Nickname" to make a new one, or click an existing nickname to change it.
// @include *BPQuickPay.jsp*
// @require
// ==/Userscript==
function getkey(td0, td1)
{ // make the hashkey out of trimmed text from td0 and td1 (acct name and number)
// var atext = td0.find("a").text().replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");
var atext = jQuery.trim(td0.find("a").text());
td1b = td1.clone();
td1b.find("div").remove(); // get rid of our stuff so we can find orig content that was on page
// var acct = td1.text().replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");
var acct = jQuery.trim(td1b.text());
return atext + ' ' + acct;
$(document).ready(function() {
// unsafeWindow.console.log("testing firebug after jq");
$("#fBPQuickPay table.borderDetail tr:gt(0)").each(function() {
var td0 = $(this).find("td:eq(0).cellDetail");
var td1 = $(this).find("td:eq(1).cellDetail");
var hashkey = getkey(td0, td1);
var nick = GM_getValue(hashkey, '');
if(nick == '')
nick = '<span style="color: blue;">create nickname</span>';
td1.append("<div class='nickdiv'><a href='#' class='editnick'>" + nick + "</a></div>");
$("a.editnick").click(function() {
var nickdiv = $(this).parent();
nickdiv.append("<input class='editnick' type=text value='" +
($(this).text() != "create nickname" ? $(this).text() : "")+"'>");
$(this).hide(); // hide the anchor with the click bound to it
var input = nickdiv.children("input"); // .trigger('focus') throws exception w GM?
input.bind('change', function() {
var nickdiv = $(this).parent();
var newval = $(this).val();
var td1 = nickdiv.parent();
var td0 = td1.prev();
var hashkey = getkey(td0, td1);
GM_setValue(hashkey, newval);
return false;
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