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Notes about Ruby 3.0 on FreeBSD


Gems don't install if you try to use:

cat /etc/make.conf 

The example port used to show this is devel/rubygems-racc.


devel/ruby-gems should be probably be updatet to something newer or at least this patch should be applied

gem install

For some reason gem install stoped creating a spec, cache and doc dir.

A quick fix is in Mk/Uses/ to patch this:

-GEMSPEC=       ${PORTNAME}.gemspec


+       @(mkdir -p ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/${SPEC_DIR})
+       @(mkdir -p ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/${CACHE_DIR})
+       @(mkdir -p ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/${DOC_DIR})

The real fix should probably fix ? devel/ruby-gems ? in a way gem install ensures the creation of this directories at least that is the assumption since it worked for ruby27 and it works for ruby30 on linux.

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