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Bookmark to purge all the queues in a vhost. RabbitMQ
//add this to your bookmarks. The default vhost in RabbitMq is "/",
// so you should have as virtualhost %2F, but due to chrome escape it, i used %252f
//i assume you're in the management site (
var purge = function(name) {
url:'api/queues/' + vhost + "/" + name + '/contents/',
type: 'DELETE',
success:function(data) {
console.log(name + " purged");
url: '/api/queues/' + vhost,
success: function(data) {
for (queue in data) {
queue_name = data[queue].name;
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boly38 commented Nov 19, 2018

Thanks flopezluis for this sample that help me to produce the following bash script

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