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Replaces the `\import` LaTeX command with the contend of the imported file
import re
_INPUT_FILE = 'input.tex'
_OUTPUT_FILE = 'output.tex'
_BASE_PATH = './Ausarbeitung/'
_PATTERN = r'(?<=\\import{)(.*)(?=})'
def file_get_contents(filename):
contents = ""
with open(_BASE_PATH + filename) as f:
for line in f.readlines():
contents += line
return contents
def main():
filecontent = file_get_contents(_INPUT_FILE)
pattern = re.compile(_PATTERN)
matches = pattern.findall(filecontent)
if matches is not None:
for match in matches:
subfile = file_get_contents(re.sub('}{', '', match) + '.tex')
filecontent = filecontent.replace('\import{' + match + '}', subfile)
output = open(_OUTPUT_FILE, "w");
if __name__ == '__main__':
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