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Last active Dec 27, 2015
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simple python solution to puddle problem found here:
# Python solution to the puddle problem
# from:
# single pass, streaming capable. O(n), memory as much as wall size.
def calc_vol(a):
vol = 0
count = [0]
maxi = 0
last = 0
for w in a:
if w >= maxi:
print "new max!"
for i in range(maxi,w):
maxi = w
print "smaller than current max!"
for i in range(w,maxi):
count[i] += 1
print count
if w > last:
for i in range(0,w):
vol += count[i]
count[i] = 0
print "adding to vol = %d" % vol
last = w
print "volume is: %d" % vol
return vol
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