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floybix /
Created Feb 14, 2017
Papers read, reading, to read
floybix / core.clj
Created Feb 14, 2017
GRN (gene regulatory network) experimental discrete formulation
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(ns org.nfrac.gron.core
(:require [clojure.spec :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen :as gen]))
(s/def ::sep #{-1})
(s/def ::base (-> nat-int?
(s/with-gen #(s/gen (s/int-in 0 10)))))
(s/def ::seq-gene
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;; gorilla-repl.fileformat = 1
;; **
;;; # Forecasting NYC taxi passengers
;; **
;; **
;;; _Felix Andrews_
;;; Adapted from part of Marcus Lewis' [Predicting power consumptions with HTM](

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floybix / save_restore_state.logo
Created Oct 30, 2014
saving and restoring turtle state
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floybix / transitive_dependencies.r
Created Sep 12, 2013
Find all transitive dependencies of an R package.
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## find all transitive dependencies of an R package.
distrib.pkgs <- library(lib.loc=R.home("library"))$results[,1]
dependencies <-
function(pkg, dependencies = c("Depends", "Imports", "LinkingTo"),
pl = installed.packages())
if (!(pkg %in% rownames(pl))) stop("unknown pkg " pkg)
fields <- pl[pkg, dependencies]
floybix / .emacs
Created Jul 20, 2011
Emacs support for R embedded in HTML (using brew R package)
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;;; support for 'brew' as a mixture of R and HTML
(load-file "~/.emacs.d/multi-mode.el")
(load-file "~/.emacs.d/html-brew.el")
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.brew\\'" . html-brew-mode))
floybix / 00_init.R
Created Aug 11, 2010
groundwater database analysis scripts
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## groundwater database analysis scripts
## Felix Andrews <> 2010-08-01
floybix / xtable_printbold.R
Created Jun 25, 2010
Highlights cells, such as the maxima in each column or row, of an 'xtable' in R
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## 2010-06-25
## (c) Felix Andrews <>
## GPL-2
## If 'which' is given it should be a logical matrix specifying bold cells.
## Otherwise: in each column or row with numeric data, the maximum or minimum
## value is set bold; 'max' can have entries for each column/row, NA means skip.
## Examples:
## library(xtable)