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@flsafe flsafe/gist:1933482
Created Feb 28, 2012

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# NOTE !!
# Works only if you do NOT have the require cucumber step in your Rakefile
# ci_reporter 1.7 crashes on the command `rake ci:setup:cucumber cucumber`.
# I've followed the instuctions here
# and created my own ci:setup:cucumber rake task.
# And this seems to have solved the issue.
namespace :ci do
namespace :setup do
@reports_dir = ENV['CI_REPORTS'] || 'features/reports'
task :cucumber_report_cleanup do
rm_rf @reports_dir
task :cucumber => :cucumber_report_cleanup do
extra_opts = "--format junit --out #{@reports_dir}"
ENV["CUCUMBER_OPTS"] = "#{ENV['CUCUMBER_OPTS']} #{extra_opts}"
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