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Waits $TimeoutSeconds for user input and then returns input if any.
function waitForUserInput([parameter(mandatory=$true)][int]$TimeoutSeconds, [string]$Prompt){
$counter = 0
while($counter++ -lt $TimeoutSeconds){
if(-not [console]::KeyAvailable){
Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
} else {
$input = Read-Host -Prompt "$Prompt"
Write-Output "$input"
$ReportFileName = 'c:\whatever\some.file'
$UserInputTimeoutSeconds = 3
# ask user for custom report prefix
echo "Press any key in $UserInputTimeoutSeconds seconds to specify custom report name..."
$customPrefix = waitForUserInput -TimeoutSeconds $UserInputTimeoutSeconds -Prompt "Report prefix"
$customPrefix = $customPrefix -replace '[^\w]',''
$reportDir = Split-Path -Parent $ReportFileName
$reportSuffix = Split-Path -Leaf $ReportFileName
$ReportFileName = "$reportDir\${customPrefix}_$reportSuffix"
# ...

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@fluttr fluttr commented Feb 12, 2018

[console]::KeyAvailable does not working in PowerShell ISE. Try it in real console.

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