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#!/usr/bin/env python
import git
import os.path
from subprocess import run
import optparse
def get_modified_files():
repo = git.Repo()
return [item.a_path for item in repo.index.diff(None)]
def get_staged_files():
repo = git.Repo()
return [item.a_path for item in repo.index.diff('HEAD')]
def filter_md(l):
return [i for i in l
if os.path.split(i)[0] == 'chapters'
and os.path.splitext(i)[1] == '.md']
def run_pandoc(source):
dest = os.path.splitext(source)[0] + ".tex"
p = run(['pandoc',
'-f', 'markdown-auto_identifiers',
'-o', dest,
if p.returncode == 0:
return dest
def add_to_stage(path):
repo = git.Repo()
def process(source, stage):
print(f'Running pandoc on {source}...')
if dest := run_pandoc(source):
if stage:
print(f'Adding {dest} to staging area...')
if __name__ == "__main__":
oparser = optparse.OptionParser()
oparser.add_option('-m', action='store_true', dest='modified')
oparser.add_option('--no-stage', action='store_false', dest='stage', default=True)
(options, args) = oparser.parse_args()
if args not in [[''], []]:
process(args[0] + '.md', options.stage)
staged_md = set(filter_md(get_staged_files()))
modified_md = (set(filter_md(get_modified_files())) if options.modified else set())
files = staged_md.union(modified_md)
for modified_md in files:
process(modified_md, options.stage)
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