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Benchmarking Remote CMD and Powershell Invocations with WinRM in Test Kitchen

Benchmarking Remote CMD and Powershell Invocations with WinRM in Test Kitchen


  • The executor in the code is a CommandExecutor which sets up and reuses a remote shell session across calls and recyles it before the maxiumum commands-per-shell limit is reached.
  • The vanilla object is a regular WinRM::WinRMWebService instance which sets up and tears down a shell for every CMD and Powershell script invocation.
  • The Powershell script variant is really running a powershell -encodedCommand <ENCODED_SCRIPT> over CMD.
  • The file appending operation isn't very taxing on the Windows host but simulates a chunked file upload and so tries to measure the relative cost of command invocations vs. measuring the time for the commands to execute.


  • A 2x speed up is great for CMD commands!
  • Any speed gains in invoking Powershell scripts is wiped out by the setup/teardown cost
  • A 100x cost penalty for running Powershell scripts is enough to give the author pause
# **Note** this program require the benchmark-ips gem, installed with:
# gem install benchmark-ips
# To run, from the root of the Test Kitchen codebase:
# ruby -Ilib benchmark.rb
require "benchmark"
require "benchmark/ips"
require "kitchen/transport/winrm"
t = "./tmp").finalize_config!( "coolbeans"))
c = t.connection(hostname: "", username: "vagrant", password: "vagrant")
# yank out the raw CommandExecutor
executor = c.send(:session)
# yank out the WinRMWebService from the executor
vanilla = executor.instance_variable_get(:@service)
# with CMD we can get closer to 8K (max command line size), but this
# will be Base64-encoded for the Powershell script, so we'll go with 2K
output = ("." * 2000).freeze
# start fresh new files
%w[executor-cmd vanilla-cmd executor-ps1 vanilla-ps1].each do |file|
executor.run_cmd("echo START > %TEMP%\\#{file}.txt")
puts "## Profiling CMD and Powershell script commands (uploading a file)\n\n"
Benchmark.ips do |x|
x.time = 20
x.warmup = 5"cmd_executor") do
executor.run_cmd("echo #{output} >> %TEMP%\\executor-cmd.txt")
end"cmd_vanilla") do
vanilla.run_cmd("echo #{output} >> %TEMP%\\vanilla-cmd.txt")
end"ps1_executor") do
executor.run_powershell_script(%{Add-Content $env:Temp\\executor-ps1.txt "#{output}"})
end"ps1_vanilla") do
vanilla.run_powershell_script(%{Add-Content $env:Temp\\vanilla-ps1.txt "#{output}"})
## Profiling CMD and Powershell script commands (uploading a file)
Calculating -------------------------------------
cmd_executor 3.000 i/100ms
cmd_vanilla 1.000 i/100ms
ps1_executor 1.000 i/100ms
ps1_vanilla 1.000 i/100ms
cmd_executor 38.487 (± 5.2%) i/s - 771.000
cmd_vanilla 16.925 (± 5.9%) i/s - 338.000
ps1_executor 0.355 (± 0.0%) i/s - 8.000 in 22.535856s
ps1_vanilla 0.351 (± 0.0%) i/s - 8.000 in 22.789677s
cmd_executor: 38.5 i/s
cmd_vanilla: 16.9 i/s - 2.27x slower
ps1_executor: 0.4 i/s - 108.40x slower
ps1_vanilla: 0.4 i/s - 109.61x slower
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