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Last active Oct 17, 2017
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Regular Expression Registry


A registry of regular expressions

Base Data

  • The expression string
  • taxonomy/category
  • supported engines
  • a set of test inputs
    • expected to match or not
    • expected groups
    • notes
      • especially security considerations and important edge cases
    • spec if it complies to an RFC/ISO/ETC standard
    • some sort of precision enum? strict/loose

Web App Features

  • browse
  • search
  • link to existing tools for interactive dev/test
  • community
    • up/down voting?
    • OR maybe just use pull requests and +1s to improve/replace an expression
    • comments

Tech Stack

  • Data store
    • flat files in a git repo
    • postgresql
  • Maybe static site generator
  • maybe PaaS like heroku

Open Questions

  • Does this already exist?
  • Consider spectrum of crowdsource vs curated
    • I think I'm leaning toward the more curated end of the spectrum
    • A lot of the value for me is in the reliability and consistency of the quality
      • Could come from either good crowdsource rating or curation but I'm leaning toward trusted curators at the moment
  • Write down specifics about that seem meh
    • visual design is quite clunky and dated
    • actual expression pattern text not front and center, copy to clipboard
      • scrolling divs :-(
    • many patterns missing title
    • search is not good
      • "vin" matches "having" in description
    • does not inspire confidence in me about quality

Related Prior Art

Continuous Integration

  • CI uses docker containers to run each expression test suite against the appropriate engines (JS, PHP, C, Perl, etc)
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