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Last active November 4, 2022 13:35
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Example of behaviour used for “Assert errors for behavior, not type”
// See the post:
// ErrorCodes provides a raw code originared by the failed package
type ErrorCode interface{ ErrorCode() string }
// ErrorType is the primary identifier (IRI) for the problem type, defined by the ontology
type ErrorType interface{ ErrorType() string }
// Ephemeral is short lifespan error
type Ephemeral interface{ Ephemeral() bool }
// Timeout of the operation
type Timeout interface{ Timeout() time.Duration }
// PreConditionFailed when effect conditions are evaluated to false by the entity (see Optimistic Locking)
type PreConditionFailed interface { PreConditionFailed() bool }
// Conflict when effect could not be fulfilled due to a conflict with the current state of the target resource (see Optimistic Locking).
type Conflict interface{ Conflict() bool }
// Gone when effect is aborted due to availability of target resource (see Optimistic Locking).
type Gone interface{ Gone() bool }
// NotFound when target resource is not available
type NotFound interface { NotFound() string }
// HTTP Problem Details (RFC 7807)
type ProblemDetails interface {
ErrorCode() string
ErrorType() string
ErrorInstance() string
ErrorTitle() string
ErrorDetail() string
// example of error wrapping function
func errSomeFailure(err error) error {
var name string
if pc, _, _, ok := runtime.Caller(1); ok {
name = runtime.FuncForPC(pc).Name()
return fmt.Errorf("[%s] something failed: %w", name, err)
// Example of recovery function
func recoverEphemeral(err errors) bool {
var e interface{ Ephemeral() bool }
ok := errors.As(err, &e)
return ok && e.Ephemeral()
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